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Heya all!
Carlyann here! here's my new lil space for all things SMASH* releated! I thought i would keep a sep lil place for you to all read about my SMASH* Adventures....

Here's a list of my SMASH* adventure posts in order!

The concept post

My first SMASH* Book Arrival

My SMASH* Adventures Part 1 (Retro Blue folio) ♥

My SMASH* Adentures Part 2 (Retro Blue Folio) ♥

My SMASH* Adventures Part 3 (Retro Blue Folio) ♥

My Smash* Adventures Part 4 (Video!) (Retro Blue Folio) ♥

I was featured on Smash Stories Blog on 3/11/11 ♥

Retro Blue Folio Cover Post!

My Smash* Adeventures Part 5 (Retro Blue Folio) ♥

My Smash* Adventures Part 6 (Retro Blue Folio) ♥

Smash* Adventures Part 7 - About the craze (Retro Blue Folio)

(NEW 12/06/2013) ♥ Smash* Adventures 2013 (Tasty Green Folio)

♥ Videos ♥

Smash* Blue Folio Video part 2 (Retro Blue Folio)♥

 ♥ Smash* Orange Folio Video Part 1 (Simple Orange Folio)♥

 ♥ Smash* Pink Folio Video Part 1 (Pretty in pink Folio)♥

 ♥ More Smash* Adventures (Yellow international Folio) ♥

♥ Smash * Orange Folio Video Part 2 (Simple Orange Folio)♥

Smash* Black Folio Video Part 1 (Mod Style folio) ♥

 ♥ Smash* Wedding Folio Video Part 1 (Cream Wedding Folio) ♥

 ♥ Smash* Pink Folio Video Part 2  ( Pretty In Pink Folio) ♥

 ♥ Smash* Red Folio Video Part 1  (Doodle Red Folio) ♥

Smash* Green Folio Video Part 1 (Eco Green Folio) ♥

Smash* Black Folio Part 2  (Mod Style Folio) ♥

Smash* Green Folio Part 1 (Tasty Folio) ♥

Smash* Purple Folio Part 1 (Cutesy Folio) ♥

Smash* Turquoise Folio Part 1 (Baby Folio) ♥

There will be more links as and when i post!!

Thanks for looking and hope you have a SMASH*ing day!! (couldn't resist hehe)

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