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Heya all!

I didn't think for one second i'd be posting today! But... I got my butt into gear and so  finally back in my craft room yesterday (soooo didn't want to go to work) but anyhoo, I was home this morning in bed for 4 hours up and unpacking!!!!

It's virtually finished tho we've got the following left to do... (ill tell ya on piccys easier!) lol

oooooo!!!!! how exciting! You won't see any of the underneath soon, as i'm putting material up on net cords to hide everything... just got to find the right pink!

Righto on with the tour... i think when hubby shows me how to use his camera i may do a youtube video so i can show you properly.. whatcha think!??! This is my Wall 'O' ribbon!!! hehe!! I have sooo much ribbon mainly my friend Emma's fault she erm is worse than me believe it or not!!! haha! of course i store my ribbons with ribbon rings such a fab way to see A what you've got and B so tidy!! hehe...

My Pink window!!! buckets full of ribbon ends and woc flowers! and of course CAKE!!! lol

I wanted a section in my craftroom for my cutting machines, something that was just plonked on a clapped out old desk before... so here's this bit, with all my ikea jars full of brads, eyelets, and gems etc etc.... and of course my heart of cards that i keep special cards from friends on!

Along side i've my inspiration desk... i wanted to have my hundreds of magazines (and yep i had to part with over half of the collection as they wouldn't fit!) so i could look through them when my mojo goes on holiday or decides he's had enough of pink so i brought some plain white maggie racks from ikea again lol to store them in! And of course i love the idea of the IKEA rails for my punches so that idea had to stay

Underneath isn't finished, i plan to buy some pink material and hang like nets, so it hides all the underneath of the workspace just to make it a little tidy! but here we have drawers of cards, chipboards, nesties, flowers, punches, my 2 12x12 paper racks (full) oopss! and my SU collection along with my other unmounted stamps

I desp need something to go on this wall it's bugging me hehe... will have to make something tho i am a fan of 'keep calm' signs so i'm after one that says keep calm eat cake in pink (dunelm sell them but it's A3 i only need A4) so if anyone sees one let me know!! all my buttons and flowers and brads (yep more) and eyelets (again more) are sorted into drawers... Can't take credit for that idea it was emma's (emmas my DT buddy on charisma) but lives close by

This section isn't finished either.... those two stands holding pens and inks and other bits have got to be sanded down this week and painted white to match... but... ya know me inpaitent!!!

Underneath we have A4 pink boxes i brought from home bargains for 99p each these store my 6x6 papers in which you can get two lots side by side, and in companys of course, cd cases full of clear stamps ready to go into new storage once i get paid, cardstock and scrapbooks and then my magnolias (OOOO HOW I MISSED YOU!!!)

My last corner... full of all sorts, the top shelf is full of wooden stamps penny black, housemouse etc to name a few... second shelf down will be those spotty jars on the desk but i'm waiting for hubby to finish making the pole which will hold all my clear stamps in packs to dangle (again this is to do! lol) and my pink lappytop will live here!

Ok!!! i confess i have two boxes left to sort

Last but not least i had to show you my spotty pink chairs i ♥ these! such a bargain too! £12 for 2!!!!

So that's my craftstudio up and ''NEARLY'' ready to go!

 But i'm thrilled i can finally go craft (talking of which that's where i'm heading!)
Thanks to everyone who's been leaving me comments the last 18 days you've all given me such encouragement and kept me busy in those hours of compleate and utter boredum!! lol

Let me know what you think to my new space!!!

Huggles xxxx

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