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Hey hey all!

Todays post is to anserw a few Frequently Asked Questions.
I have had alot of e-mails and pm's on facebook recently about my work! Which i absolutly love to recieve and i thought it'd be a fab idea to put some of these Q's up on my blog!

Before i begin.... lol... Everything here is my own personal view! I don't claim to be an expert (well....) on anything but i've alot of experience with some things so it's nice to share!

What Sizes are my cards?
Mostly 6x6 though i am known to make 8x8 or 6x4! But i can create to any specifications needed!

What is your current favorite color combo?
I have a weakness for Pink!. And right this moment i love the combo pink, white and black it's just one of those combo's i can really work well with!.
Tho i enjoy blues and browns and reds and blacks! depends on what mood i'm in when creating to weather i go for girly or not hehe mood dependant i guess!

What is your favorite scrapbooking supply?
 I love using border punches on my layouts and cards.
The possibilities are endless, there are so many different kinds of punches, my small collection is slowly expanding but I do find myself reaching for my favorite punch most of the time which is the Martha Stewart Star Border

Why do you scrapbook and how did you get started?
I scrapbook to preserve memories for my future i strongly believe in leaving something to show my footprints about my time and life!. Up until the end of 2013 I didn't know much about one of my parents and ultimatly left me asking alot of questions about where i was from! So to me that's inportant to be able to finally create and show where i'm going ;)! I got started really from lots of inspiration from blogland and the many scrappers in the US, scrapping isn't really big in the UK which is sad really as i think it's a lovely way to preserve memories!

What is your favourite Stamp?
Well... that's a tough choice because i have so many wonderful stamps and it would of been easier to say what is my favourite stamp brand (which is Penny Black!!) hehe, but my favourite stamp out of my whole collection would have to be The Cats from Penny Black there so darn cute!
I'm really into background stamps to i love how these really bring your cards and creations to life!

What is your favourite card making supply?
Without a doubt it has to be paper! all the wonderful designs that you can get these days i find myself ooooing and awwwing at them some i even buy because i like and i'll never use because i think they're too nice to!
My hubby tells me off as my studio is like a rainforest of paper! (Think that's his way of telling me i have too much!)

Why do you make cards and how did you get started?
I started Cardmaking when i was 15 years old, that's ooo so long ago! and the main reason was because i used to go into shops and could never find the right card that had the right saying for that occasion i was buying for so one day i though oo i could make my own! so I did!!!

Who inspires me?
There are so many wonderful talented people out in the world within card making and scrapbooking, though who inspires me.... well....
Rach from Papercraftsbyrach her cards are beautiful, she's soooooo talented!
Michelle from mish mash is truly tallented i love her altered things!
To be honest so many people inspire me i can't possibly list them all!!

There the people who inspire me craft wise, if your a regular reader you'll soon find i am inspired from all things and people in life!

What is your favorite thing about Crafting?
I’ve never thought of myself as being crafty mainly because i dropped art when i was at school i couldn't paint, couldn't draw or anything but every since I started Cardmaking and scrapping I’ve discovered a new creative talent which I never thought I had. And i discovered i really can draw and paint!!!
Scrapbooking has also made me a better photographer.
Paying attention to the small details and focusing on precious moments are all part of the reason why I love to Craft!

What Type of card do you use to stamp your images on?
I used to use create & crafts 300gsm card which is £4 for 75 sheets at any local wilko's store but recently i've been more keen to use Neenah smooth classic card which is absolutly fab for prisma's and copics as well as promarkers! Crafters Compainion stock this card which online is 3x 20sheet packs for only £10!!

What Ink do you stamp with?
 For me personally i've always used Memento Black for promarkers/copics and prisma's it doesn't bleed when you use alcohol based markers, for watercolouring and distress inks i always use Stazon please be aware, if you use stazon and alcohol inks it will run!.

What Paper do I use for watercolouring and distress markers?
 I Use Langton 300gsm Hot Pressed super smooth it's my absolute favourite! 

What do you use to blend Prisma Pencils with?
I use Sansodor mainly because it's easier for me to pick up out and about and the bottle is larger and cheaper but also i use Karrs odourless mineral spirits along with Paper stumps.

Where do you buy your Prisma's from?
From my stockist! I demo prisma pencils myself in classes and at home I'm always 99% of the time able to get any colours needed.

How do you get the smooth effect when colouring?
I tend to keep blending all my prisma colours until all the pencil lines have gone, you can achieve this by little circles and when you hear that scratching noise, you need more spirit!

How long does it take to colour an image?
Well that all really depends on the image and what mediums i use, promarkers and copics are far quicker and i spent roughly 15-25 mins, prisma's take longer because of the blending process and distress inks between 40-45 mins, but i love it and think it's one of the best parts for me!

How do you know where to do the shading?
I don't!! haha no seriously you need to figure out where you light is going to come from and then work out where the shadows would be cast.

How do you get gradual colour looks on your images?
I tend to start with the lightest first but all depends on the image!

Is there a cheaper version to prisma pencils?
Yes there is.... ssssh! but they are very hard to get hold of, about 10 years ago argos did a set of crayola professional crayon pencils these work in exactly the same way!

Do you choose you papers then image or the other way around first?
I find it's really hard to match an already coloured image to papers so i tend to make the base of my card first colour my image and then pick out all the embellies!

Where do you get your Stunning flowers from?
Alot of my flowers are Prima (big crush!!) hehe, but some i also make myself, buy from ebay and craft shows

How many stamps do you have?
 I erm... lost count at 1,000! i collect various different stamps and collections if your a regular at my blog you'll know by now my fav's are Magnolia!!!

Can i case your design?
I would rather you emailed me first before you did as there are some designs that have been created for reasons but i wouldn't imagine it to be a problem, but please respect me and my work and do not copy it outright! it's lovely that you'd take inspiration from my work and turn it into art yourself but please give credit on your blog etc that you have had the idea from me. I would also like to note that I do not wish my designs to be copied to be entered into competitions/blog challenges and so forth.

What glue do you use?
I used to use collall photoglue, it's fab for putting papers to things and giving you time to adjust! but!!! and a big but too! I found that leave your card a month and it'd fall apart :-( shocking!!! The glue drys out and is no good! So now i use UHU glue recommended to me by my bloggy friend Sheryl.

What do you stick your flowers and other embellies on with?
I used to be a 3d pad typea girl but since buying my glue gun i can put it down pow pow pow!! hehe

 How do you do the whiteness and fading on your blog photos?
 Magic! no seriously it's a number of photo programes i have on my PC

Did you create your blog design yourself?
Yes i did, i'm constantly changing it depending on my colour mood

Who Creates Your Watermarks?I do! If you would like your own custom watermark/signature please e-mail me for a no obligation quote! 

I hope these are some help to you!!
I'll be updating this section as and when!!!
Love & Peace
 Carlyann xXxXx